Junior Golf Program


Junior golf is a fantastic activity for kids of all ages and abilities. It's a great way for kids to stay active and develop important life skills such as patience, focus, and determination. Not only that, but golf is a sport that can be played for a lifetime, making it a valuable investment in your child's future.

Our 10-week junior golf program is designed to introduce kids to the game of golf and help them develop their skills in a fun and engaging environment. With groups ranging from 5 years of age to 14, we cater to all skill levels and abilities.

Our coaches will guide your child through every step of the program, from learning the basics of the game to mastering advanced techniques. We use a variety of teaching methods, including group instruction and one-on-one coaching, to ensure that each child gets the attention they need to succeed.

Our program also includes a variety of fun activities and games designed to keep kids engaged and motivated. We believe that learning should be fun, and we strive to make each session as enjoyable as possible for every participant.
By the end of the program, your child will have gained valuable skills and knowledge that they can apply both on and off the golf course. They'll also have made new friends and developed a love for the game that could last a lifetime.




Although we tend to push for groupings of similar ages to pair friend groups together etc, we do allow modifications for those who would rather be in a separate group. If this is the case for your child, simply contact Cameron O’Leary to discuss the possibility of changes.

AGES 5 - 6

Our youngest golfers, ages 5-6, are the Putting Pals. This group will focus on the basics of the game, including how to grip and swing a club, and will develop their putting skills on the green. Our coaches will help these young players build their confidence and learn the rules of the game in a fun and engaging environment. By the end of the program, these Putting Pals will be well on their way to becoming golf enthusiasts for life.

AGES 7 - 9

Ages 7-9 are the Fairway Friends. This group will build on the basics they learned as younger players and begin to develop their skills on the fairway. Our coaches will work with them to refine their swing, improve their putting, and introduce them to more advanced techniques. These kids will also have the opportunity to play in fun competitions and games, helping them develop their competitive edge while still having fun with their new friends.

AGES 10 - 12

Ages 10-12 are the Par Pack. This group will continue to refine their skills and develop their knowledge of the game, including learning to play on a full course. Our coaches will focus on techniques for hitting long drives and controlling their approach shots, as well as strategies for making par. The Par Pack will have the chance to play in more advanced competitions and games, helping them build their confidence and prepare for a future of golfing success.

AGES 12+

Our oldest golfers, ages 12+, are the Birdie Brigade. This group will focus on advanced techniques for hitting accurate shots and developing their short game. Our coaches will work with them to refine their skills and strategies on the course, preparing them for a future of success on the green. The Birdie Brigade will also have the opportunity to participate in more advanced competitions and games, helping them build their confidence and become the best golfers they can be.



The cost of the golf clinic for each child is $65 for the entire summer. This fee includes several components. First, each child will receive one weekly group lesson throughout the duration of the program. Second, they will also receive a program T-shirt. Finally, they will have access to the course before 1pm every Wednesday.

The breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • Weekly group lesson: This is the core component of the golf clinic and is included in the fee. It provides children with structured instruction from a golf professional, and allows them to develop their skills over the course of the summer.
  • Program T-shirt: This is a tangible item that children can take home and wear to showcase their participation in the program. The cost of producing and providing the T-shirt is included in the fee.
  • Open course access: This provides children with additional opportunities to practice their skills outside of their weekly lessons. While it may not have a direct cost associated with it, it is a valuable part of the program and is included in the fee.

Overall, the cost of the golf clinic is reasonable considering the benefits it provides to children. The breakdown of costs shows that each component is important and adds value to the program.




This year the Woodstock Golf and Curling Club is celebrating its 125th year, the oldest golf club in New Brunswick that remains on its original property. As part of this we have taken extra time to make sure we celebrate throughout all of our course programs, including our beloved Juniors.

INTRODUCING…….. Woodstock.


In the past, the Woodstock bird has been used in many different minor sports organizations. From Woodstock Minor Hockey, to Woodstock Minor Baseball.

We thought it to be appropriate to adopt this little mascot for our own. We introduce the 2023 Junior Golf Logo.

This playful, colorful bird represents the fun and engaging nature of the game, and perfectly captures the youthful spirit of Junior golfers in the community.

Just like the Woodstock bird, Junior golfers in Woodstock are full of energy and enthusiasm, eager to learn and improve their skills on the course. They embody the same sense of joy and playfulness that the logo represents, and are passionate about the game and the friendships it fosters.
Furthermore, the Woodstock bird logo is a recognizable symbol that is intended to become widely associated with the Junior golf program at the Woodstock Golf and Curling Club. It helps to build a sense of community and identity among Junior golfers, and creates a sense of pride and belonging.




Cameron is our lead instructor at the Woodstock Golf and Curling Club, growing up on the 9th green. Cameron played all of his Junior golf out of WGCC, under multiple coaching mentors.
Cameron has been with us now for two seasons and constantly shows his devotion to the club and his juniors, through extra time spent on the property.






Reigning Junior Club Champion, Isaac has already developed an impressive junior golf resume. The Woodstock Golf and Curling Club is excited to have Isaac’s presence back around the club for another summer. Isaac was a crowd favorite in our Junior Clinic last season, his kind-hearted and patient teaching style has become an essential part of the junior experience at Woodstock.

Isaac has worked the past few years on the grounds crew at WGCC, do not be surprised if the waves from the fairway mower continue this season, although he is excited to get the junior clinic under way.